Andy Pusser

Associate Pastor/Minister of Education

    It has been a joy for my wife Tina and I to be here at Ludowici FBC for the past six years, where I serve as Education Pastor. We came from Florence South Carolina where I had been retired from the sawmill business for seven years. I spent thirty-one years in that industry with one company. Obviously, there was a lot of history and experiences during those years, but the most important one happened in the summer of 2003. That was the year in which I heard the Holy Spirit call me to surrender my life to Him. I want you to know that at 51 years of age, it was a big step and a big change. Equally important for you to know, it was by far the best and wisest decision ever made during my life and I am now almost 68. The Bible says that when you accept Jesus as your savior you will be born again and become a new creation. That absolutely happen to me, and that can happen to you.

    No matter where you are in life, I invite you to join us at Ludowici FBC. You will hear the truth preached from God’s word. You will feel the love of Christ as you get to know the people here. Your life can be transformed from the inside out. You can enjoy the peace and security that can only come from the One who gave you life to start with.

    Wishing God’s Blessings on You,

    Andy Pusser

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